Our history

CASTLES-INFLATABLES is its own factory, founded in 2004 in the beautiful and industrial city of Kharkov. At the moment, we have almost 20 years of experience in design, production, sales of our products on the inflatable trampoline market, and service. We have very fun and professional design team, advanced production our equipment, first-class and most importantly proven stitching technology for our trampolines. We always strive to provide the best products, best service and best experience for loyal customers. Currently, our products work and bring pleasure to children and our customers in Europe, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

In 2004, our very young company, consisting of a designer and several workshop workers, launched the production of small inflatable trampolines. Our designer developed the first simple model. Thus, our workshop began to complete the first task!
This successful experience was highly appreciated by our first clients. And this, over time, has allowed us to set high standards for the production of inflatable products throughout our history.

In 2006, our company gained valuable experience in the production of inflatable products and began to actively develop. But with the increase in the number of employees, the pace of production also increased. A certain number of products were slightly delayed in our warehouse. And we decided, in parallel with production, to rent out our inflatable trampoline slides. This decision allowed us to sustainably support our company’s staff in the first few years.

In 2012, thanks to our own operation of inflatable slides and trampolines, we were able to make a great contribution to the further development of our products. This experience has led to the development of new and sought-after projects. But still our trampolines remain limited in capacity. Our clients need models that can accommodate 20 children or more.

In 2016, our sales department proudly sold more than a dozen inflatable complexes or children’s playgrounds that can efficiently accommodate 25 children or more children at the same time. The idea was to combine a slide with a play area and an inflatable themed figure that can lift the jaws of the children on it.

In 2017, our client from the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, received an order to develop the largest inflatable attraction in Ukraine. During the implementation of this order, the entire team of our company was involved. The designer drew layouts for approval from clients, the designers designed the complex taking into account our experience and the wishes of the customer. Such a complex was supposed to occupy a space measuring 25 meters in length and 12.5 meters in width. The height of the descent from the slide had to be 7 meters for an exciting descent for children.
After a month of work by our team and intensive negotiations with the client, we approve the layout and begin implementation…

And as a result of hard work and brilliant implementation of our client’s interesting idea. We are creating the largest inflatable attraction in Ukraine and our client is in the UKRAINE BOOK OF RECORDS!!! as the owner of the largest attraction.

Customer review

“I love fantasy, dragons, adventure films and books. When I was choosing a design for an inflatable attraction with my wife, I immediately liked the idea with dragons. It seems that there was no further doubt – we settled on the Kharkov company CASTLES-INFLATABLES. We had to wait quite a bit (as the manufacturer promised, he did so), the layout could not be approved quickly, and while we were waiting for changes, all sorts of bureaucratic and technical formalities were settled, and a place for the attraction was selected (a wide alley almost in the very center of the city). This season will be the first with such a large attraction. I think we can handle it! I would like to say a big thank you to the company for your patience and quality work and wish you quality progress! Keep it up! I don’t like to stand still, I constantly want to develop. Therefore, I don’t regret at all that we took the risk. Proud of it. And I wish all your clients!”

In 2021-2023, our company is investing in investments in digitization and scalability. Several websites were created and improved for Ukrainian and European clients. As a result, the range and enjoyment of online shopping for our customers has significantly increased and become more convenient. New quality standards are being introduced in production in accordance with the requirements of EN 14960.
From the first days of our company’s existence, we set ourselves a goal: more interesting and high-quality attractions.
This is only possible with full interaction with clients and the competent work of our productive team.

Our technologies and materials

Material we use: Germany, Spain

Welding and sewing equipment at our enterprise

Threads we use in production:
Coats Group is a British multinational company. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of yarns and structural components for technical textiles and more. Founded over 250 years ago, the British company operates in 50 countries and employs more than 17,000 people.

We use company air pumps HUAWEI

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