Frequently asked questions

Yes, we provide the certificate of EN 14960.

Yes. The power of the blower matches the size of the trampoline.

Yes, of course! We design our own models and design new rides and can make changes logos very quickly.

Please contact our inflatable rides sales department by email or WhatsApp number, see contact section.

Our trampolines are very easy to install. Prepare a level and clean area, cover the area with a tent according to the size of the attraction. Unfold the trampolines on the tent according to the instructions and connect the blower. The connection diagram is in the set of documents. Inflate and securely fasten the attraction.

Yes, of course! We design and model our own trampolines and it is not difficult for us to make changes or create new designs for the success of our customers.

The warranty is 2 years for trampolines that are used for home use.1 year warranty for trampolines that are used for commercial purposes.

1. Remove shoes before entering the trampoline and leave all sharp objects with the attraction operator before playing.
2. Do not pull the trampoline across the ground or room. Move the trampoline only when it is packed.
3. Operate the trampoline away from open flames and do not use the trampoline in unac-ceptable weather conditions to prevent accidents.

1. If you plan not to use the trampoline for an extended period of time, dry the trampoline well and pack it in the factory packaging. Place the trampoline on a wooden pallet for stor-age. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight on the trampoline.
2. The indoor storage temperature of the trampoline should be between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius, preferably with minimum humidity.
3. Special attention should be paid to rodent safety when you are storing the trampolines.

The cost of delivery the inflatables park is calculated as a rule individually. Installation of the trampoline is made independently according to the manufacturer’s very clear instructions.

Our company delivers inflatable trampolines and accessories to all countries and cities in Europe, Ukraine and Moldova.

Yes. The blower creates the necessary air pressure all the time. After unplugging the tram-poline is deflated. Therefore, when planning the installation of the trampoline, pay attention to the possibility of connection to the mains 220 or purchase a generator of suitable capacity.

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